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For professionals or individuals who want to promote themselves through a WordPress website, it’s crucial to choose a good design for successful branding. We suggest using a personal WordPress theme. Choosing a free personal branding theme is a good idea if you want to save money. But you should know how to choose a free personal branding template first.

What Is a Personal Branding WordPress Theme?

Whatever your website purpose is, like business, shop, online CV, blog, … there is always a personal branding theme that may suit your taste. Personal branding WordPress themes need to have these things in common: they have the ability to showcase your strengths, your work experience, personal personality, and area of expertise in the most prominent way. So, by looking at your website, people can easily recognize your differences and it can’t be mistaken with any other people.

For example, here are themes for self-branding your portfolio, resume, business/eCommerce, and blog site. As you see, it can show your image, characteristics, name, … prominently and differently.

Different kinds of personal branding WordPress theme

Different kinds of personal branding WordPress theme

How to Choose a Good Free Personal Branding WordPress Theme?

There are many free themes for your personal blog, business, or store, … You can find many top themes that we’ve reviewed here. However, the number of good personal branding themes isn’t as abundant as other kinds. You should choose it wisely depending on these criteria:

Make Sure That It’s a Well-qualified Theme

Of course, you should be sure about that no matter what theme you choose. Before choosing a free theme, you should check the author first. Is the author well-known, prestigious, and reliable? You can easily find excellent free themes from famous shops like GretaThemes, aThemes, CatchThemes, or personal brands like Anders Norén.

Then, check if it’s frequently updated, has good support, and compatible with your current WordPress version.

There are many things and tips on choosing a theme in general. Then, let's move to the next step to choose a personal branding theme.

Strong Design to Show Your Image on Homepage

Although a theme isn’t marked as “personal branding”, if it has a strong design to display your image/banner/slogan on the homepage, you can consider it.

For example, when reviewing Mythos, we saw that the full-screen header image and the section under it are really ideal to show your personal image and slogan.

Mythos is good to be a personal branding business theme

You can attract people, introduce yourself prominently, and call them to know more about yourself.

This area should be large and prominent. It’s also great if people can view your image/banner/slogan in the first screen area. That will attract your visitor at first sight.
An Impressive “About Me” Page

“About me” page will tell people who you’re. Instead of a few texts, it should include your image, ability, expertise, … And importantly, it can help you build credibility and authenticity.

Take this ePortfolio theme, for example, it has an amazing, specific, and unique “About me” page. People can clearly scan this page in a blink of an eye and know exactly the specialty of you.

High Customizability to Identify Your Style

What color represents your brand? What typography is most suitable for your site? Can you change the layouts, widget, … to fit your brand? Surely you need a customizable theme to personalize your website. That’s why you should choose a theme with as abundant customization tools as possible.

A theme compatible with page builder is an excellent choice. But you’re choosing a free theme, so it’s difficult to require that. Still, there are some free WordPress themes that support page builders like Neve, GreatMag, Zakra, … You can make use of this tool to design a website that well presents your personality.

However, a page builder still has limitations. Especially, when you’re not familiar with it. Thus, you can move to a theme having a powerful Customizer. A powerful Customizer should give you a tone of color options to recolor your website like Asura, Creativeily. It’s also good to have a theme supporting Google fonts or at least different fonts and customizable typography styles. That’s the two most basic options. Besides, a good theme to personalize your website should have custom header images, sliders, featured images.

If you can’t change the default color, fonts, images on your site, this theme isn’t suitable for personal branding.

Final Thought

It’s obvious that we can’t compare a free vs premium theme. But it’s not difficult to find a good free personal brand theme if you know how to make use of its features to turn it to a self-branding theme. Let’s think out of the box, I believe that you can wisely choose a perfect one for yourself.

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