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We are from eLightUp, a team that is passionate about WordPress themes.

At the beginning of our journey to the world of WordPress themes, we've swum in the ocean of themes, which has cost a lot of time. Eventually, we've been still unable to forecast all the rising issues when using a WordPress theme. We tried to find the fully-detailed source of WordPress themes review about what people may face, yet it's so hard at that time. Then, we've realized that there are also many people find it difficult to select one theme among the numerous ones on the Internet.

Therefore, to pave the way for your journey to WordPress themes, we've decided to conduct this Free WordPress Themes Review Project. It's a free and trust-worthy source that everyone, both professional and non-professional users can rely on.

With the hope to guide you to the world of WordPress themes in the most convenient and effective way, we've collected a large number of themes and been so dedicated to writing the most honest and careful reviews. Now, you don't need to go anywhere, just stay in this place and you can acquire the most comprehensive and fundamental reviews of the diverse number of WordPress themes. That means you are able to get all you need to know about a theme, from its design, feature, daily use, to the speed and SEO, customization and more here. Additionally, we even categorize, rate and enclose with live demos for you to easily select a potential theme.

Remember that our WordPress Themes Review Project is free, and always is!

However, these reviews are based on our personal opinion and experience so they are for the reference purpose only.

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