MaxStore Screenshot
MaxStore Screenshot

This is one of the very unique free eCommerce themes from Themes4WP: MaxStore. If you'd love to have an online store with an extremely robust and vigorous appearance, just find MaxStore. I think that it's the most suitable if you sell something sporty, creative for young customers.

It's quite easy to set up this free eCommerce theme. It supports many plugins for an online store and business and of course, WooCommerce and some addons. Your products are surely displayed beautifully when you use MaxStore so that your customers can enjoy a good shopping time.

The Verdict

MaxStore is not designed for those who love an "ordinary" template like various ones out here. It's designed for those who want their WordPress site to look strong, tough, and "cool"!

It's so simple to set up that you need very little effort to turn it into a good online store. Moreover, this free eCommerce theme is compatible with the wishlist and provides you the product zooming features. Is that enough for a standard free eCommerce theme?