Sydney Screenshot
Sydney Screenshot

Sydney is said to be recommended by Elementor and to have a lot of customization tools, so I decided to review this free multipurpose theme.

You can find any pre-made demo in the free library, from online business, consultant, wedding, to restaurant, band, ... made with Elementor. Especially, it takes you just a few seconds to import any demos and, you will see how awesome it is to do it within a single click, so quick and simple! Moreover, Sydney allows users to customize their website with a powerful and easy-to-use Customizer.

Besides, Sydney's strength lies in its speed. This free multipurpose theme is not so heavy so it's easier to have a fast and optimized site.

Who say that a multipurpose theme is difficult to use for beginners? Sydney will prove that's not true. Let's see!

The Verdict

Overall, Sydney is a free multi-functional WordPress theme with many useful features and good compatibility with Elementor. But different from my imagination - I thought that Sydney would be complicated to use and configure - it's quite easy to set up and customize.

Especially, Sydney's speed is quite good. So, you should make use of this free theme to have a well-performed and designed website.

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