Banquet Hall Screenshot
Banquet Hall Screenshot

I bet that most people have important celebrations or events that they want to make it history. When it comes, people often find a service company or organization to hold it well. As a result, a website is a popular way to help people do it nowadays. That's why SKT Themes provides Banquet Hall, a free WordPress theme for businessmen/businesswomen to run this service in the most effective way.

Banquet Hall is most perfect when used for wedding service, but you can use it well for any other celebration or event as well. Through the extraordinary features like full-screen Featured Slider, Service, on the static homepage, users can display their services stunningly.

Moreover, it doesn't challenge users at all thanks to its ease of use and Once-click demo import compatibility. There are many more special things about this WordPress theme, explore and you will satisfy.

The Verdict

With the sweet, attractive and charming appearance, this WordPress business theme can absolutely make your website stand on the hall of fame. The work of installation, set up and customizer is also very easy that help you get everything configured simply even with a beginner.

Nevertheless, it still has some disadvantages like low speed and not ready for SEO yet. The list of features is still short unless you upgrade to the pro version.