CarListings Screenshot
CarListings Screenshot

If you are having a car showroom or store, Car Listing is definitely what you are looking for. This is a free WordPress theme from AutoListings, specialized for car sellers or dealers. The core feature of this theme is the required plugin Meta Box and Auto Listings. With these super helpful and easy-to-use plugins, you can create and custom field and list for your online car store with no single line of code.

The Verdict

Thanks to this special theme, car sellers can make their website so informative and convenient for their customers. It's well-designed and fully functional for a car store. Auto Listings and Meta Box are the key powerful plugin that allows you quickly and easily input the information about a car and it’s technical features and options. Moreover, it's so lightweight and well-documented.

Because this is the car-selling oriented theme, the other parts like customization and design seem to be quite indifferent.

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