Floral Lite Screenshot
Floral Lite Screenshot

Provided that you are a nature-lover, I bet that the name Floral will arise the curiosity and interest from you. Not only does it have a beautiful name, but Floral Lite is also a beautiful Free WordPress blog theme orienting to the elegance and purity in the design. With this theme, you can have any kind of personal blogs like a travel blog, fashion blog or lifestyle blog...

When you install and set up the Jetpack, the necessary features of a blog are ready to use. The work of installing and customizing is very easy for everyone, even a layman can quickly learn that.

The Verdict

This theme is totally fit with a blogger who loves a clean, classic style. It's also highly recommended for a beginner as it's very easy to set up and quick to be in use. You don't need to know much about technology to get everything under your control in one day, I guess. The good speed and SEO configuration are also seen as a strong point of Floral Lite. The limitation of custom features is the only thing you should consider.

In conclusion, I still will suggest this theme if you don't need to consider how much you can custom, but how easy you can use this WordPress theme.

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