Hamilton Screenshot
Hamilton Screenshot

Do you still hesitate to choose a free WordPress portfolio theme for yourself? Today, we will suggest Hamilton, an image-based portfolio theme from Anders Norén, a designer and developer living in Stockholm.

Even if you want a showcase of graphic design or just blog posts with plenty of imagery, it still can serve excellently. The strength of Hamilton lies in the simple, minimal design and creative performance that helps to display your images in the best way.

Additionally, it's friendly with all kinds of devices and browser so you can use it anywhere.


The Verdict

In conclusion, if you simply want to focus on displaying your images, this theme is a good choice. It's also ready to use without any step, even nearly no attempt to customize. That's such a perfect free WordPress theme for a non-professional user or a lazy user like me.

However, it's not a feature-rich theme and the speed still needs work. So I think that you should consider carefully about the pros and cons before using.