Klean Blog Screenshot
Klean Blog Screenshot

What comes to your mind when first hearing the name "Klean Blog"? I'm pretty sure that you will immediately imagine a blog with a clean look. And that's what exactly describes Klean Blog, a free WordPress theme from WP OnlineSupport.

This readable and blog-focused theme lets you write many kinds of a blog like travel, lifestyle or personal blog. Moreover, it's easily customizable and user-friendly so that even a beginner can quickly learn how to manage this WordPress theme.

The Gutenberg is already compatible to help you create your post easily. It's also translated-ready and fully responsive in all devices.

The Verdict

If you like a minimal and super clean, ready-to-use WordPress blog theme, Klean Blog is among the good choice. You can easily customize the color to make it more creative as you can imagine and give the theme a new appearance. The excellent speed this theme performs in both computer and mobile devices is another advantage.

However, it hasn't had SEO configuration and documentation at that time. So you can upgrade to Pro version to have more benefits.


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