Minamaze Screenshot
Minamaze Screenshot

Do you want to have a Free WordPress theme that can be used as a blog with a minimalistic, clean and simple style? Today, we will recommend you one theme with that style: Minamaze, a WordPress theme from ThinkUp Themes company.

The most prominent feature of this theme is the unlimited number of post sliders and many custom options you need for a blog. Besides, you don't need to know much about technology to use and customize Minamaze. Just spend a little time and it will meet your expectations.

The Verdict

Although the SEO configuration hasn't been compatible and there is no 1 click demo import, it's an easy theme to use for a beginner. The speed is acceptable and the design is responsive in every device.

You can try this free version before buying the premium one to get more features.


  1. J. Brooke Chao J. Brooke Chao on December 8, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Ran into a problem where I couldn't update my theme (Minamaze) and it was displaying a message stating that I needed to reauthorize the license.

    I logged into my ThinkUp Themes account, and the ONLY things you can see in the dashboard are: Dashboard, Account Details and Logout.

    1. In the main Dashboard tab you see a list of your orders. Clicking on the Order number or on the “View” button“View” takes you to a webpage showing the order details. Clicking on “Invoice” downloads a PDF pdf the order details. On the Order Details page there is nothing but the Theme name, price, payment method, first name, last name and email address. No license number. Or anything where you can do anything with your license.

    2. If you click on “Account Details” the “Dashboard” tab stays highlighted, but you can set your First Name, Last Name, Display Name, email address and password. That’s it.

    There is absolutely, positively NO place in a member’s account dashboard that allows them to see their license number, allows them to reauthorize their license to a site, or anything other than viewing basic details of an order. That’s it. Full Stop.

    I clicked on the Contact link on their main menu and then clicked the Support button for current members. It took me back to my (useless) account dashboard. There is no email or phone number listed on their site, so there was no way to contact them except for the generic contact form at the bottom of their page. I ended up sending two messages after I didn't hear from them for a while after the first.

    I also went to their facebook page, to see if there was any contact info there (nope), and to message them directly to let them know of the issues with their site and the theme. It looks like the last post on facebook was January of 2019, so almost 2 years ago. And they had tons of "community" posts from angry customers talking about the lack of support and response. So I switched my client to another theme that has better support and a more user-friendly site.

    I finally heard from them this morning *weeks* after I contacted them multiple times with no response. They claimed that my email got caught in their spam, and that they'd added it to a white filter, but that I could use their support contact feature to get help in the future to avoid that issue. That is not the case as illustrated above. They also claimed that I could manage my license in my account panel. Nope. And then they said that if there was no "renew" button next to my license (do they mean on the order? because there IS no license info in the account dashboard!) I could add Minamaze to my cart which would renew it. Meaning I need to re-purchase the theme.

    While I'm not opposed to subscriptions for well-made themes, this was not listed as a subscription. It does not say "annual" anywhere in the theme description. The only thing that kind of points to that is the fact that it says it comes with "1 year of support and updates," way down in the list of featuyres. $35 a year for this level of support and service? I think not! I would much rather use something like the BeTheme which is a one-time cost of $60 and offers *hundreds* of layouts with that price, and is NOT subscription based.

    The fact that it took this long to hear from them, AND their response was grossly inaccurate tells me I made the right decision in leaving them behind. Don't make the same mistake I did. Stay far away from them.

  2. Frustrated in Penarth Frustrated in Penarth on March 4, 2021 at 1:11 am

    I have given up on this company (ThinkUpThemes). My site was down for days and days. It took 3 days to get any response, and then it was one non-responsive response at 6 AM on the last 2 days. No answers to questions, no work done, no help, no results.

    I engaged a friend to replace your shoddy theme and the entire site was working perfectly in less than an hour. And it looks better than ever.

    This is surely one of the most pathetic displays of customer service and tech support I have ever seen. You should be ashamed. People depend on their websites to make their livings.

    Again, a shocking travesty. And a terrible way to treat someone who has been a loyal client for 8 years.

    Shame on this ragtag outfit.

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