Yosemite Lite Screenshot
Yosemite Lite Screenshot

Yosemite Lite is the free version of Yosemite, the best minimal WordPress blog theme from GretaThemes. For those who follow the minimalistic style, Yosemite Lite deserves their complement on the simplistic design and use. Users can make use of this beautiful and elegant template for their lifestyle blog, travel blog, or any kind of blog.

Being a bit humble in the design and featured, but Yosemite Lite is proud of being lightweight and SEO optimized.

The Verdict

This is a really simple but beautiful and useful WordPress minimalistic blog theme. Everyone, every user can have the best relaxed time while using it as it's not only easy to use but also pretty. Especially, its high speed and SEO optimization will help you have the most comfortable and effective journey on your blogging.

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