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Each year, a different color becomes a trend in the theme’s design. But there is a never outdated color over many years: the grey color. With grey, you can have one of the most distinctive and attractive designs. Let’s explore the best free WordPress themes with fifty shades of grey.

While some may think that it represents something negative like dust, loss, or depression, grey masters find it the most easily usable color in website design. Grey is a cool, neutral, and balanced color, so light grey is often used for background color instead of white, making a WordPress theme more eyes-calming. Texts also have this color, but a darker tone, besides black, to be readable.

Grey color in theme design

Notably, when being used skilfully as the main tone in a theme, the design is enhanced to a higher level. Trendy designers really know how to make use of grey to create a unique and fashionable theme.

A minimalistic theme favors grey because grey makes it elegant and decent. While a voguish theme uses grey to create a nordic and artistic appearance. I’m sure you will be overwhelmed by its mysterious beauty. And if you’re into the conservative style, grey makes the theme extremely classic, retro, and shady.

If you’re fond of this color, these free grey themes will be on your list of priorities.


TheFour is a grey-dominant business or portfolio theme for professionals. This modern, elegant, and delicate WordPress theme is a really good friend with grey. You can customize the header, featured images, portfolio, buttons, … to make it greyer.

I think that TheFour is grey enough, so it can fit with the majority of users, not just the “grey-holic”.

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TheFour free grey business theme


RichOne can be described as a mono-color WordPress portfolio theme because there are nearly no other colors except grey and black. This nordic-style theme looks extremely sharp and simple with black and grey.

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RichOne free grey portfolio theme


This is a creative and unique WordPress theme for individual, portfolio site, or studio. The whole theme is covered with a light grey color, making it a retro-style theme. Together with this, the special layout of Soho makes it one of the most distinctive themes you can find.

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Soho free grey theme


Clean, simple, and retro are the words for Blask. It has a static sidebar menu full of grey and no other colors interfering with the greyness in the whole design. Therefore, when you put your black-and-white photos here, your website becomes a real blast of grey.

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Blask free grey portfolio theme


Fabulist uses grey as the main tone, but it’s embellished with some other colors to make it less boring. The decent, classic design will be suitable for a personal blog, magazine-style blog, … It also has high speed, good SEO optimization to make your blogging so smooth.

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Fabulist free grey blog theme


Yosemite focuses on readability and comfortability so it mainly uses neutral colors, especially, grey. This free WordPress blog theme is carefully designed with details and passion, making it subtle and ethereal.

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Yosemite free grey blog theme

Bogaty Lite

This free WordPress theme uses less grey than the others but it gets along so well with grey. It has an extremely harmonious design for a modern business website. Besides, the parallax sections, full-width layout, spacious style are the key features giving Bogaty Lite a professional and attractive appearance.

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Bogaty Lite free grey business theme

Final Words

Are these free WordPress themes grey enough for you? If you want to find other free themes with the different featured colors, feel free to tell us. We’re good at finding the best one with a wide range of purposes for you.

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